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click connect wait hurry to connect this. solution go to start all programs MySQL. now go to databases no sorry but the. and click here next click here next in. six input your password admin. okay okay you’re good to go. now you finish then again come to the. password here you type it admin and say. I put again add in say okay then close. I will repeat again to put admin. server 2005 click SQL Server management. so link moverá six database era. this section of password type admin. dial box will come. security got logins double click on this. if is wrong so you say yes then go here. this small data box will come come to. here then say okay sorry it is not much. close this then go to click open your. change it change it and put it the name. this come to this password. of this example. it will open this girl box. yo global ox. admin I put a pin here a button admin 9f3baecc53

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